The sailboats, the designs and the sailings of Christian Lanctot


Building Sailboats


I have spent something like 20 years building sailboats in my spare time. I started to learn from traditional wooden construction and moved to modern composite technics. I have developed an expertise in the cold mold type of constructions. It is relatively cheap and easy to build a boat who will be light, stiff and durable. The stiffness of the wood and the waterproof ness of the epoxy. The best of the 2 world.


builted sailboat superblanc

I will start with my own first design and construction: Proto 2001 named SuperBlanc. It is an illustration of what could be done with little resources and a lot of patience and determination by a little individual who simply unfold the building process step by step to end up with a solid realisation. See more on SuperBlanc.