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Proto 2001 Mk11-A

Proto 2001 Mk11-10This is the Mk11 version of Proto 2001. The basic dimensions and characteristics of the original are still there but he look and feel have change to a more modern (or retro) style. The underbody remains about the same except for a little more fulness at the entry. The overall lines are simplified and I made a try at the a new deck design.

I am preparing plans and building methodology in a way that the building process is simplified and adapted to the home builder passionate, if any.

More on this later.



Proto 2001 Mk11-A Photos Gallery:

And for the adventurous, the Rhino3d files:

Proto 2001 Mk11-A-14








Now the plan lines:


Proto 2001 Mk11-A Plan



And the hydrostatics:

Proto 2100 Mk11-A-Hydrostatics