The sailboats, the designs and the sailings of Christian Lanctot


Restoring Sailboats 

Over the years, I have restored 4 sailboats.


  • First the St-laurent which was given to me by my father in 1969 when I was 13 in exchange of a summer of landscaping around the house. The boat needed serious repairs and I did change ribs and keel box and a part of the deck. But in 1984, I did a complete rebuilt and this time all the boat was sealed in fiberglass and epoxy. The boat is now crystallize and do not rot. His life is preserved with little care needed. 
  • St_laurent



  • Second I did a restoration job on a F boat. Nothing much to say about. Oh yes, I did a beautiful varnish Sitka spruce wooden deck on it.



  • Third was an unknown 23 feet keeler like a small dragon named LeBlanc. I stripped the paint inside outside and sealed the wood with fiberglass epoxy, modify the keel adding lead at the bottom and put a Soling sailplan on it. The boat was really slippery in light wind.
  • LeBlanc






  • Fourth was SuperStar. A star boat from the forties number 2822 originally called Audrey. The rig was missing and all the hardware, but the hull was very sound. I stripped the paint inside outside, remove the keel and sealed with fiberglass and epoxy. I did a beautiful wooden deck and transfer the Soling sail plan from the former boat. I had to built a scoup at the back to support backstay.
  • SuperStar